Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cheered Up

Just to say I am feeling a bit better, after my horrid start to the week (see last post!).

I solved the no-clean-clothes-for-Belgium problem with a visit to the launderette, so dd has gone off with a full suitcase to the First World War battlefields. I hope she gets something out of this trip, not least an appreciation of what can happen when people cannot resolve their differences by peaceful means.

One appliance is already mended; the other had to be replaced. Tomorrow dh and I will have to squeeze a new washing machine into a rather awkward location, in the cupboard under the stairs. If we can't manage it, a friendly plumber is on standby to install it on Monday.

The theory is technical problems tend to turn up in threes, but we also had car-related trouble, in the middle of this week, so hopefully we have had our quota now.

My next post will be about crafting, I promise!

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