Thursday, 29 July 2010

Crafts at the movies

You don't often see crafts references in major films.  Although Harry Potter has a little knitting in it (more in the books than in the films, it has to be said.)

Anyway, I went with dd to see Eclipse a few days ago. I watched Renee (Bella's mum) give Bella a hand-made quilt  made out of various T-shirts - a lovely idea to keep memories alive.  If you  haven't seen one before (I hadn't) here is rather a nice example of a Tshirt quilt that I found on the web.

Dd rolled her eyes at me when I started talking about T-shirt quilts after the movie, so I shut up. If I didn't have this blog to wax lyrical on about crafting, I think I'd be very sad.

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  1. I've seen t-shirt quilts mentioned somewhere before, but it's disappeared into the mists of time and I cannot remember where. I think it was a blog I happened across and they looked absolutely lovely.

    Thanks for the reminder!