Friday, 9 July 2010

Dishcloth discovery

2 petals washcloths

I discovered recently what fun it is to knit a dishcloth, or a washcloth, as these are far too pretty for kitchen use.

I made the above two first, using up scraps of Rowan handknit cotton. Both are Little Petals washcloths from the 3-in-1 washcloth pattern in Yarn Forward magazine no 26.

Then I bought the recommended yarn:

Which is Peaches & Creme worsted weight 100% cotton. I got this supply from Create and Knit. The colour range is quite wonderful. Left to right these colours are country meadow, eggshell and gum drop.

Using the recommended yarn gives a larger washcloth, I discovered on my next attempt - the Gumdrops pattern this time:

Being small, dishcloths are quick to knit and a great way to devise new stitch patterns or practise new techniques. I learned to do crochet chains in the Little Petals and i-cord cast-on and cast-off in the Gumdrops version.

The pattern also has a third option, and once I've located my 4.5mm circular, I intend to have a go at that one too.


  1. they look too cute for the kitchen, my kitchen cloths see too much work and mess - then they are bleached! Just fab in a bathroom though!

  2. Interesting. I knew you could get peaches and creme here, how was it to choose colours?