Sunday, 11 July 2010

Family outing

We took advantage of the splendid weather yesterday to go on a country picnic.

We went to Breedon on the Hill, where there is a yarn shop. I only realised this when my Peaches & Creme order arrived from Create and Knit, and the accompanying invoice showed an address only about 40 minutes' drive from us. Admittedly the yarn shop was a big factor in my picnic suggestion, but public footpaths through the woods, beautiful Leicestershire countryside views, a historical church and several pubs in the village gave our destination wider appeal.

The church at Breedon is fascinating - it features original pieces of Saxon stonework. I especially liked this female image, holding a book in one hand and with her other in a Byzantine position:

(Note: a notice at the church entrance said amateur photography was welcome.)

There were some tombs dating from the 1500s. The largest was a monument erected by a husband to his deceased wife in 1598. Their five children were featured as statues on the tomb. Sadly two of the five had died in infancy: these were shown as babies tucked up in little alabaster cradles. Beneath these statues was a life-size alabaster skeleton, which ds thought was fabulous, but I thought rather gruesome! (I did photograph it, but I think it too macabre to publish here.)  As well, there were some more regular tombs, with reclining knights in full armour. Ds was interested in those, too, especially the one with a sword:

Did I mention there was a yarn shop in Breedon?! It's ages since I bought any yarn from a physical shop, as opposed to a web presence. There were loads of gorgeous yarns in the shop, but owing to new washing machine outlay, money is rather tight this month so I could not splurge as much as I would have liked. But I'm sure I'll be making a repeat visit ;-)

This is how we ended the afternoon:

Just the ticket for a hot summer's day.

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