Monday, 5 July 2010


I worked another five-day week last week and then on Saturday we drove to Wales on a flying visit to attend a family member's birthday party. This entailed a five-hour car journey in each direction. Unsurprisingly, no-one was in a very good mood by the time we got home yesterday evening, nor were our spirits much enlivened by a house in a terrible mess, and the discovery that our dishwasher was not working. Today the washing machine has also ground to a halt - and dd needs clean clothes to go to Belgium on a school history trip on Thursday!

I have done no crafting and have absolutely nothing to report except complete fed-up-ness.


  1. I do feel sorry for you. the dishwasher i could manage without, but the washer, oh me oh my!
    3 years ago mine conked on christmas eve and i dashed to comet and bought the cheapest i could find that would fit in my car. The very same washer died would you believe it on christmas eve 2009 exactly 3 years later and it was a repeat performance.
    I saw your picture in sew hip wearing your fab apron. You are famous girl! Well done.
    I also have done zilch crafting for several weeks now. My knitting has ground to a halt. I have started a new 2nd job which is nibbling into my weekends but needs must when the devil drives as they say.
    Keep your chin up. Claire xx
    PS I once retrieved an outfit from the dirty laundry basket, sprayed it with a bit of perfume, ironed it, wore it to an interview and got the job!

  2. Oh No! I couldn't survive without my washing machine:( You have my deepest sympathies

  3. Thanks for these supportive comments! Just back from the launderette now, so clean clothes for dd's Belgium trip are in hand. New washing machine is coming on Fri a.m. It has to be got down two steps and squeezed round a corner in our understairs cupboard... And first we have to get the old one out. Hmmm.