Friday, 16 July 2010

Piece work

Quick quilt update: sixteen re-formed quilt-top blocks assembled, and all sewn together in pairs, but then I had to stop, having run out of green thread.

The good news is, I now have all the supplies I need to finish this project:

Also, dd has finished all her Year 10 GCSE modules / courseworks so I will hopefully have more free time at weekends to pursue this project, instead of having to be on revision support / coursework encouragement stand-by - at least until school starts again in September.

I really must finish this quilt soon, or it'll be an addition to my "languishing" list, and I really don't want that!


  1. Your quilt is really coming along now - it looks fantastic!!!

    ..Whic fabric do you plan to use for the binding?


  2. Not entirely sure yet. I was thinking stripes, but the striped fabric I bought online is not the same as the patches and I don't think will look right. So possibly tulip print, or otherwise little green print. I have pinned the quilt sandwich together now & about to start the basting. So the end is in sight