Thursday, 22 July 2010

To-sew list?

These are all the issues of Sew Hip I haven't yet made anything from [blushes]. As well as all of these, I've also got two unused Prima patterns, and several as-yet hardly-used sewing books.

It's a pity that the resurgence of knitting should have depleted my sewing activity so much this year. I've finished only three sewn items so far, with a fourth taking rather a long time*.

I was looking at the Sew Hip Flickr pool recently, and wishing I had something to add to it. Idly following a few links on other people's lovely projects, I ended up at Crafting with Mel's blog. Mel's approach, of trying to make at least one item out of the current issue of Sew Hip before the next one is published, seems rather a good idea in terms of encouraging yourself to sew something.

So I'm going to adopt this strategy from August onwards, and will try and complete one sewn item per month, even if it is only something small.

Hopefully this goal is realistic enough for me to achieve it, and won't impact too much on the knitting!

* But the end is in sight. My quilt is pinned together and about to be basted!

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  1. That is a really smart idea. My list of sewing has gone completely by the wayside, but I still mean to do some really soon now!