Monday, 2 August 2010

Country-style quilt

I finished this about a week ago, but waited to post about the finished item as it was a gift for my mum and I wanted her to see it first.

I made this from a pattern in Sew Hip issue 11 - woven quilt design by Carolyn Forster.  It was recommended for beginners, as it uses straight-line quilting. I haven't tried free-motion quilting yet - another thing to add to my to-learn list.

Making this quilt involved making 16 9-patch blocks, cutting each block into four, then re-sewing four pieces together to make 16 final blocks, which were then pieced together for the patchwork top. The cutting and re-sewing created this woven effect:

The patterned fabrics are mainly Moda Verna, except for the brown with tiny flowers in the woven sections, which I found in the local Oxfam shop (in England we say charity shops; overseas the expressions are Op Shops or Goodwill, I think).  In total I used about half of a Moda layer cake cut up for the patchwork, two 1-metre lengths of printed fabric for the woven section and 1/2 metre for the binding. I used cotton wadding for the inside layer, and to keep costs down, plain white sheeting for the back and border. (Having now discovered how much the materials for a full-size quilt can cost, I have a different appreciation for their price in the shops.)

Things I liked about this project:
  • The fabric colours, and I think the white border gives a lovely summery feel to the finished item
  • Success in completing my first ever full-size quilt - previously I've only made crib-sized, and it was a real step up to make a double. 
  • I especially loved the magical effect of sewing the binding and watching the quilt metamorphose from something still half-finished, into something really pretty. 

Things I could have done better:
  • In spite of all my efforts to cut accurately (yes, I do have an acrylic patchwork ruler, and a rotary cutter)  not all my patches were quite the same size, so I had some difficulties lining up the pieces.
  • As a result, some of my quilting lines are a little bit wonky. Hopefully I will improve on this with further practice.
Carolyn has another two quilt designs in other issues of Sew Hip and I'm now trying to decide which one to tackle next. I already have all the blue-based Moda Verna fabrics from the Layer Cake, plus half a metre of striped fabric and some more brown and white printed fabric in anticipation.


  1. so beautiful! And its not wonky, its hand made. Great job!