Friday, 6 August 2010

Nicoise for two

In the quest to use our glut of french beans, I made a variation on salade nicoise yesterday, using fresh tuna steak rather than canned tuna. It turned out rather delicious, so I'll share the method here.

Make some vinaigrette dressing according to your preference. For my version, I use 1 part balsamic to 5 parts olive oil, with a crushed garlic clove, a little black pepper and chopped herbs from the garden:

Hard-boil one egg per person and remove the shell.

Cook some french beans for about 3 mins in boiling water. Drain.

For the tomato and bean salad: I like to make this salad on a plate, just because it looks pretty. Slice a few large tomatoes and arrange on a plate with the cooked green beans. You could add some capers or black olives if you have some. Pour over the dressing. Leave to marinade while you cook the tuna.

For the tuna: brush each tuna steak with a little olive oil and either grill or pan-fry to your liking.

To serve: put each steak on a plate with one shelled hard boiled egg on top, and serve the salad separately for people to help themselves. French bread is good alongside to mop up any spare dressing.

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