Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Top ranked?

Just look at that Wikio button in the right hand column there - it currently says 22!!  (It was only 35 last month.)

The button indicates a ranking within European knitting blogs. I'm not entirely sure how Wikio arrive at their rankings (traffic? length of time of visit? no. of times I write the word "knitting" per blog post?) but I am rather impressed to find myself 22nd on a list which includes such knitting luminaries as the wonderful Ysolda Teague (#8), Cornish designer Anniken Allis (#17) - previously I made her Regatta stole - and Katya Frankel (#10).

These designers publish regularly in Yarn Forward magazine, or all can be found on Ravelry. Although I also hang out on Ravelry, my own designing currently amounts to one pair of simple baby mittens!

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