Friday, 1 October 2010

The Tyranny of GCSEs

Owing to impending coursework deadlines, I have been unable to use our dining-table for its dining purpose for the last few days, due to GCSE textiles being spread all over it. I've also had my patience tried, having been on continuous coursework support - i.e. re-threading the sewing machine, dealing with stuck needles and trapped threads, re-filling the bobbin, making cups of tea, cajoling and offering general encouragement.

Honestly, my 15 y.o could use some lessons in scheduling and advance planning. Unfortunately either they don't teach that at her school - or she paid absolutely no attention in those sessions!

I find it helps me keep my temper, if I knit. And I'm not the only one who finds knitting therapeutic in this way. "Aunt Grace knitted hard. She knitted all her annoyance into the sock, and felt very much better afterwards." (Enid Blyton, House at the Corner, 1947). I know just how she feels...

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  1. I have all that to come! Although my husband could learn a bit about forward planning!