Monday, 18 October 2010

Cream Tea

In England, you'll find a cream tea on the afternoon tea menu in many tea-shops and cafes. This consists of scones, whipped cream, and strawberry jam - or sometimes, in season, fresh strawberries. All served alongside a pot of tea, naturally.

This tea cosy design was in Tea Cozies 2. There are mistakes in the pattern as printed but errata are available by using the contact link on the publisher's website. Once you have the corrected version, it's a pretty easy knit, and good for bobbles practice. The little strawberries are knitted and then seamed and stuffed.

This is another planned christmas gift. Lucky, lucky person, because it is very pretty, and totally reminiscent of summer days. I might have to make another to keep, although actually, we already have two knitted tea-cosies in the house, and there are others on my to-make list.


  1. That's very cute. My mother has recently got into tea cozies, so maybe I should hunt up a copy of that and make her some for Christmas.

  2. That is gorgeous!! Wish there were proper tea house 'down under', I miss a good afternoon tea :-)