Thursday, 7 October 2010

A knit of mittens

I mentioned before my recent mittens knitting obsession. I've knitted three pairs in the last month. There were the baby mittens I blogged about previously, plus two pairs of adult fingerless mitts.

#1: Nimble fingerless mitts from pattern in Yarn Forward magazine issue 30:

In the magazine, the specified yarn was Supreme possum/merino/silk mix, but I used recommended alternative Rowan cashsoft 4-ply instead. However, in this yarn the mittens came up very small. They are a snug fit on me, and my hands are tiny. My original plan was to make these for one of my teenage nieces, but I think they will not fit her. Instead I've been wearing them at work, as it was very cold in my office last week and these mitts leave my fingers free for typing.

#2 Castle mitts from pattern in Yarn Forward magazine issue 22 (Not the best pic, so will try and replace with a better one when I can get dd to hold the camera!)

I've made these mittens before and they have been much admired, so this pair is to be given away, although I'm modelling there. The yarn is Artesano inca cloud alpaca dk.

By the way, regarding the baby mittens pattern I published on Ravelry, I'm charmed to report someone else has actually knitted my pattern! And did not find any mistakes in it :-)

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  1. Love the mitts! the recipe for those pies is just shortcrust pastry, some mashed potato and mashed carrot (cooked with the spuds) mixed up with a small tin of corned beef. Then I just make little pies using a muffin tin - sooo easy and a great freezer stand-by for packed lunches!