Friday, 12 November 2010

Autumn finish?

The temperature dropped here last week. British Gas also seasonally announced price increases - just in time for greater heating requirements? Anyway, the chill seems to indicate winter is a-coming in, so I thought I'd just write a quick post summarising recent Autumnal activity.

I made this tea cosy, which is reminiscent of blackberries:

This is another pattern from the frequently cited Tea Cozies 2. I've made four cosies from there now. Although I have to say, two of the patterns had errors in, including this one (butterfly stitch pattern instructions missing from the book) but errata are available by contacting the publisher. I used Twilley's Freedom Spirit yarn, which is 100% wool, at a reasonable price and in gorgeous colours. This shade was no. 518 - desire. The finished item is a work-a-day cosy which is very thick and warm. It's due to be posted to Ireland as a christmas present.

I also made a ginger cake, which I feel is seasonal for this time of year; I don't know why, except that when I was a child, there were always gingerbread options at the local bonfire party.

In those days, I lived in a tiny Yorkshire village and the bonfire was a community event, with food brought and shared by all participants. Nowadays I live in a town where local bonfire parties are not available in the same way. Instead you have to pay an entrance fee to go to an organised event, stand well back from the flames (usually the "safe" area is defined by tape or similar, and is so far away from the actual fire you can't feel any warmth), and be fleeced by assorted fairground rides, burger stands and sweet stalls. The fireworks are more spectacular, though.

If you're from another country and are wondering why I'm writing about bonfires in November in the UK, take a look here.


  1. Cake looks yum! Don't mention the gas - the cleanest thing I can say on here is robbing barstools! Another cold and potentially deadly winter for the elderly again this year for those that won't br able to afford to even put on their heating. It makes me so cross!

  2. Yes, what she said! Plus double agree with the be fleeced thing:(