Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I has an OWLs

I finished the skier's hat I grumbled about previously, aka the Cross-Country Chullo by Anne Featonby. Although it took me a long time, and much cursing was involved, I rather like the finished item. But it's not actually for me - and I'm not sure I'd really wear such an eye-catching hat. I'll leave it to the teenagers in the family to do that.

Should you wish to tackle this (by no means easy) pattern, it's available for free on Knitty.

Completing this hat also means I am the proud recipient of this award:

If you hang out on Ravelry and like Harry Potter, maybe you'll know what this means. To me, it represents acknowledgement of achievements in charted knitting. I had to make more than just this hat to get it!

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