Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Dots-or-stripes' Review of the Year

This is the blog entry where I look back at the past year, and consider whether I met my aims as expressed in my New Year's Resolutions.

Overall, I would say 2010 has not been a bed of roses. Although I've written almost nothing about it on this blog, I've had a lot of teenager-related trouble. The temporary acting-up job I took on in April turned out to be much more stressful than I had anticipated. I had other job-related anxiety due to my substantive post being threatened with redundancy. I'm learning to live with this, just like many other public sector workers in the UK. This means although I achieved my resolution to stay employed in 2010 - I'll need to renew it for 2011.

The other three resolutions were craft related, as follows:

  • to increase my knitting output. In a complete reversal from 2009, I've finished over 20 knitted items and only a handful of sewn items. Next year, a more balanced approach between the two would be better. Having written that, I'm planning my second OWL, which means a lot of knitting until end March.
  • to complete at least one item off my list of four languishing items. Achieved in March, when I finished the Regatta stole. Nothing else has been added to the list, so it's now down to three items. I intend to get another long term WIP off there next year.
  • to learn a new skill, such as crochet. Erm... I learned how to do crochet chains. I have used these to edge a couple of washcloths, and to make wrist ties for a pair of mittens. So I can't really claim success on this one.
I also said I would spend less time on the computer, but I totally ignored that one :-)

Look out for my 2011 craft resolutions in early January.

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