Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gift list

Here are some of this year's hand-made christmas presents:

1. Very easy knitted lavender bag. I simply cast on enough stitches for 4 sets of horseshoe lace repeats, worked 3 vertical repeats and a picot cast-off, sewed side and bottom seam, sewed a little voile bag to go inside for lining, filled with lavender, threaded ribbon through a set of eyelets near top and tied in a bow.

2. Knitted washcloth. This is just the standard ball-band dishcloth pattern from the inside of the Peaches & Creme cotton yarn wrapper, made with Faded Demin ombre and solid eggshell colourways. When presented with a bar of soap, it will make a nice small gift.

This brings my current hand-knitted gifts tally to 6. About to cast on for pair of socks next - hope I can finish them in time.

Continued snow and freezing temperatures has put paid to dh's (work) trip to Paris; my mother's christmas-shopping visit has had to be postponed; dd's weekend trip to stay with her sister in London now looks doubtful. I'm hoping I will actually be able to get to the shops fairly soon, as I really need to do some actual shopping, or Santa's sleighload will be extremely meagre this year - above knitting notwithstanding.


  1. Hello - just wanted to tell you that I think your gifts look really lovely - wouldn't mind getting one of those myself! So nice to get something pretty, that someone has bothered to make especially for you. A ginormous big hunk of your lovely iced ginger cake I happened to spy a view posts back, would be rather nice too. I'm wondering if the icing is ginger as well? Looks delicious.

  2. You're too kind, Siobhan! Thanks, I hope the recipients will like them, and I also appreciate handmade efforts, if anyone takes the trouble to make something for me! BTW the icing on the ginger cake is lemon-flavoured, not ginger, but the tartness of the lemon sets off the ginger rather well, I think. Thanks for visiting - and taking the trouble to comment.