Monday, 6 December 2010

O christmas tree

I'm really enjoying the pre-christmas rituals this year, not least because ds is entering into the swing of things so whole-heartedly. Spot him as an elf, assisting with tree decorating above!

Dd hung a few things on the tree but retired defeated owing to feeling rather poorly. Here she is snuggled up with a lemsip.

Note double layer of hoodies in an effort to beat the winter chill. The central heating is on, but the UK is being blasted by air currents direct from Siberia at present and it is pretty cold.  I've been trudging along icy pavements in my wellies to get to work.


  1. oh she does look poorly - sending some get well vibes her way! Tree looks good too!

  2. Oh dear, illness is effecting us too. Do be careful on the ice, I can't recommend the YakTrax I bought highly enough. Not even a wobble!

  3. It is miserable, isn't it:( My top tip is thermal leggings under jeans. Works a treat. Plus having a fan heater on as well as the central heating...

    Your tree looks brilliant and hope ds gets better soon.