Sunday, 19 December 2010

Reindeer biscuits

... and snowmen, angels, christmas trees and holly leaves, as seen below:

Baking christmas biscuits is becoming an annual ritual for ds and me. This year, we used the recipe for christmas decoration biscuits from Nigella's How to be a domestic goddess  - and I'm pleased to report the taste test compared favourably with last year's version.  ETA: the recipe I used is available free on the Net, I have discovered. So if you want to make these, you can find the recipe here.

We have a set of christmas cookie cutters that come out annually for this purpose:

Every year, I want to be restrained and use plain white icing with a sparse scattering of silver pearls, a la Nigella, but ds insists on colouring some icing bright green (for the holly leaves) and also sprinkling handfuls of sugar strands. Of course he wins! Not least because the decoration is primarily his affair. My job is to make and roll the biscuit dough, cut out the shapes, and finish off if he gets bored.

Really liking the finished article, though. Regard these merry deer running through the greenwood:


  1. Now that's one item I do not possess and always say I am going to purchase - christmas biscuit cutters! I really must get some (at least for next year anyway!)

  2. If you buy some now, you might find they are in the sale! I'm going to look for some replacement tree lights on Thursday, in the hope of getting some cheap-ish ones.