Saturday, 1 January 2011

A new year

New Year's Eve 2010: the champagne (well, it was sparkling anyway!)

And the candles - we lit the angel chimes, in an annual NYE tradition:

Note dh hiding behind the paper there. He was reading the Review of the Year. After that we tried to do a quiz, but unfortunately hadn't paid enough attention during the past year to be able to answer many questions.

I'm really glad to see 2011 arrive. Hope it turns out well - for us and for you, dear reader.


  1. Hope 2011 is fantastic for you!

  2. Happy 2011 to you!

    And I approve of your choice of bubbly. I had real champagne once. My Dad kept a bottle he'd received as a gift to celebrate my graduation. I tasted the stuff... and didn't like it. I much prefer the "fake stuff"!

  3. Happy New Year!