Sunday, 30 January 2011

A slice of lime

I quite liked this month's Sew Hip magazine. Not only was there an article about Heidi's Sew Hip challenge, as featured at Sewing Daisies, there were interesting pieces on indian textiles and Liberty's of London, plus several patterns that appealed.

I especially liked the look of the tutti frutti purse and already had lime green and white felt in my fabrics box. I cut out the pattern templates, laid them next to a 15 cm zip - and realised the printed templates are completely the WRONG size. Much too small - a tiny coin purse would result, not the 18 cm little bag stated in the pattern.

I am experienced enough now at sewing to be able to tackle making my own pattern pieces, but this magazine is supposed to be suitable for beginners. To tell the truth, I've been rather disappointed with it for the past several months as there's been very few patterns that appealed to me.

Anyway, back to my sewing project. Here's my finished result:

I had a lot of trouble cutting the right size of "peel" piece, and I'm still not entirely happy. Also, this is still a bit smaller than I would like - only about 15 cms long. But it's big enough to hold my stitch markers, row counters and possibly, cable needles, which is what I plan to use it for, as I'm fed up of having to search through my stash basket for these.

If you like the look of this purse, and you don't fancy scaling up the pattern yourself, take a look at the designer's Folksy page, where you can buy citrus and other fruit purses ready-made.


  1. I used to subscribe to both Sew Hip and Sewmag but stopped as both magazines seemed to be very repetitive with regards to their patterns - there are only so many pincushions, needlecases and aprons that you can take before it gets a little tedious! I also tried Sewing World magazine but that only seemed to cater for the "more mature sewer" if you get what I mean - not very up to date at all.

    I've personally found that these magazines are quite poor in terms of proofreading their patterns - there's always some sort of little mistake which isn't that good really when you consider how much they charge for each issue. I'd much rather save my cash and buy a decent sewing techniques book to refer to.

    That being said, I do like how your lime purse came out! It's really nice! :)

  2. That's an interesting note on the purse, as I was thinking of making one for my 5yo. Might put that on the back burner for a while then.

  3. Louiz, I've sent you a pm re the purse templates.

    Ruth, you're right about the variable pattern quality - but I have found this is equally a problem in modern sewing pattern books (and knitting ones too, actually). I think the speed of production these days just doesn't leave the time for thorough editing and error-checking. However, I do like the modern approach of this magazine compared to other sewing publications, which can seem rather old-fashioned and dull. I'm planning to make the little house coasters from issue 25 next - I just pre-washed my fabrics today - that'll be one for next weekend. I hope!

  4. Thank you for mention my blog (again)! I am so excited to get my copy. I can't wait to read about the Indian textiles & Liberty of London fabrics. I know so little about fabric.

    Tutti Fruitti is an excellent name...sorry it didn't quite come how you wanted (I hate that) but it still looks great :-)


  5. Hi Kay, I hope you sorted out your problems with the purse in the end, & enjoyed making it! Thanks also for the link to my site.