Saturday, 15 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Heidi (Sewing Daisies) has nominated me for a stylish blogger award! How kind! I'm thrilled to be nominated, and really glad you like visiting here, Heidi!

Receiving the award requires me to share seven facts about myself. So here we go:
  1. I am actually from Yorkshire, although I've been transplanted to the Trent Valley.
  2. I like liquorice - all kinds of it, from commonplace liquorice allsorts right through to bassetti and black and white mints
  3. I speak three languages. (Although to be perfectly honest, two of them are rather rusty now. I need to make another trip abroad very soon to keep them in currency)
  4. I'm fascinated by English history, currently the medieval period. Maybe I'll blog about this some time.
  5. I occasionally waste time playing the Sims. Gosh, what an admission. It was my teenage daughter who got me into this.
  6. I've had 15 smear tests in the last ten years, following loop diathermy treatment for grade 2 CIN in 1999. When did you last go for one?
  7. I couldn't think of anything else!
I'm supposed to pass the award on to someone else. I'll nominate Crafting With Mel, whose blog is described as "crafting for the impatient and imperfect". Although her finished items always look really nice to me, especially the jewellery!

I'll be back with more knitting progress soon.


  1. Fantastic 7 facts....I love licorice too!

    What is a Sims?


  2. You really don't know? You obviously have no teens in the house!! See
    Terrible time-sink warning goes here!!