Saturday, 26 February 2011

Crochet creation

In my last post I mentioned I had finally learned to crochet. More than a year after I first tried, I've actually completed a simple project, YouTube videos having succeeded where all written instructions and diagrams had failed!  Here's the evidence:

This little amigurumi toy is a representation of the mushroom character found in Nintendo's Mario games. I made it using a free pattern at Wolfdreamer, a 4.5mm hook and scraps of red and white cashmerino dk yarn left over from ds's Where's Wally hat.

Before I started, I could only produce a simple crochet chain, as used in provisional cast-on and to make chain edgings and ties. Ravelry enquiries had identified videos as a good way to progress from this point, so I studied the following aspects of crochet on YouTube (note: American terms used below, as that's what was specified in the Mario pattern; I've also included links to the video demos I used when learning).
I found the Mario Mushroom was a great introductory pattern, as pretty small and quick to do. It also feeds my recent obsession with the fly agaric. As documented here and here.

Trebles and half-trebles up next (or whatever the equivalent US crochet terms are!)


  1. I'd better not show this to my daughter - she'll expect me to make one for her lol!!!

  2. Thanks both! It's probably not the best ever crochet as I am a beginner, but I do feel quite pleased at having completed something. And Ruth, I imagine an experienced crocheter like you would be able to whip one of these up in less than an hour. It's only double crochet (UK), with a few increases and decreases. Clearly very simple, as even I could do it, and I'd never made anything crocheted before!!