Thursday, 10 February 2011


The imminence of St Valentine's day seems to have affected my recent knitting. Although I didn't think of it when I cast on for these socks - I had red apples in mind - the red colour is very seasonal!

I made these from the June apple socks pattern in issue 12 of Yarn Forward magazine, and easyknits biffle in a colourway called Ruby Slipper. (To any non-knitter who may be wondering why I'd spend time knitting socks when I can buy a pack of three from Asda for less than a fiver, if you'd ever enjoyed the superb comfort of a pair of hand-knit socks on your feet, I wouldn't have to explain!)

I also knitted a couple of valentine hearts for the girls in the family using left over sock yarn. These have lavender inside, so are suitable for scenting wardrobes or drawers. I used a very clever pattern by Vikki Harding (note: Ravelry log-in required to access link), in which hardly any seaming is required - only a few stitches, and a little grafting at each top.

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  1. I love the socks and the hearts! Knitting a pair of socks is on my "to-do" list....I've previously knit one sock :-)

    I love the thought of lavender scented drawers, too...I guess I need to go on the hunt for some lavender so that I can make some sachets.