Thursday, 24 February 2011


Ds and I had a lovely surprise this week. We were staying at my parents' house near York over half-term, and made a trip to the National Railway Museum while we were there. They had a very special visitor. Can you guess who it was? Here's a clue:

No, not Thomas - ds is far too big for that!

It was the Hogwarts Express steam train as seen in the Harry Potter movies!

I may have mentioned previously that me, ds (and dd, only she wasn't with us this day) are all massive Harry Potter fans. It was very exciting for us to see it. If you were prepared to queue for over an hour, you could even have a ride on it. But ds was perfectly happy just to admire it, and have his photo taken:

We had a wonderful time at the NRM, and I highly recommend it as a day out.

Also, whilst I was away, I learned to crochet. So all in all, it was a very successful visit.

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