Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cable scarf

Dh had a birthday last week and this year, I made him a knitted present. I rarely knit for men, as generally I prefer working with more feminine colours, but dh had admired the Irish hiking scarf pattern (available free from Hello Yarn) so I thought I would make an exception.

I used 200g of Donegal aran tweed. Be warned, if you want to do a fringe (as I did) 200g of yarn is only just enough. I advise you to cut the fringe pieces before you get right to the end, so you know when to finish up with the cables.


  1. It's very nice. I have a book entitled Men's Knits by Erika Knight which is a great book for all things knitty and manly. A worthwhile purchase in my opinion.

  2. Fantastic scarf, Dh is a very lucky man!