Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cakes and covets

My dd was away for a while, on a school visit to Paris (lucky girl!) She is at that age, when having her out of the house for a few days means respite from perpetual arguments, but nonetheless, I made a cake to welcome her home again.

This is the chocolate-orange loaf cake from Nigella's Kitchen. It's the very first recipe I've made out of there, and the cake turned out very well.

But forget the recipes, what I really, really want out of that book is the gingham apron with the ric-rac trim that Nigella wears to make blackberry vodka:

I intend to make a version of this before next Christmas. As I've discovered, a woman can't have too many aprons, at least not in my case. (And I may also try the blackberry vodka!)

1 comment:

  1. Cake looks really lovely! Chocolate orange always reminds me of Uni days - I used to spend many an hour in the library studying (trying to anyway) and my diet solely used to consist of cups of tea from the vending machine and bars of Terry's chocolate orange bars. Every time I eat one now it takes me right back!!!