Monday, 14 March 2011

Earthquake lessons

Watching the news of the earthquake in Japan, my heart went out to all those people who have lost family members or friends, or who have lost their homes. In the blog-o-sphere it seems more local, as I regularly read blogs by people who live and work in Japan, or have family connexions there. 

I was interested to see, in amateur footage, that Japanese children are schooled to take cover under a table. Of course, here in the UK, earthquake tremors are very rare and typically very mild. They are still scary though.

Sachiko, whose family in the affected area is luckily safe, wrote:

Through this experience, I learned a couple things. We need to show and tell people in our lives how much we love them and appreciate them whenever we get the chance to. You never know, that might be the last time you get to do so. There is no time to waste in fighting and holding grudges. Unexpected things happen and when we want to show love, it might be too late.

And she is so right. That is a good lesson for us all, in earthquake zones or not.

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