Saturday, 12 March 2011

The weather report

We recently installed a weather station in our garden, a donation from my parents, who just upgraded to a new improved model (they are both scientifically inclined). We've got their old one.

The sensors record rainfall, windspeed and the like, and transmit the results to a little information unit on our kitchen wall:

Ds especially likes the little weather man pictured, who is dressed according to the weather, and holds an umbrella whenever it rains. Today is the first day since we had it that he hasn't been wearing a woolly hat.

Spring is definitely here. Here's a little evidence from our garden:

#1: Peony shoots pushing through the earth (excuse the weeds. I took this photo before I did today's weeding)

#2: Forsythia in bloom:

If it continues to warm up here, soon we'll have to cut the grass.

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  1. I LoVe stuff like this! My daughter had a mini weather station for Christmas a couple of years ago - it was very basic (you had to insert it into an empty plastic bottle) and we had great fun recording temperatures, wind direction and rainfall. Your weather station looks really hi tech and I'm rather envious! :)