Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Crochet swatches Part 1

Remember in Jan 2011, when I posted my objectives for the year? The first one was to stay employed, and last week I learned that I still have a job, at least until the next round of public sector spending cuts. So that's good. For my crafting objectives, I've already reduced my languishing list, so now I'm about to focus on my aim to learn crochet.

I'm planning a progressive challenge of crochet projects over the next few months, using participation in the Rav Harry Potter group to provide the necessary motivation, not to mention assist with perseverance / endurance. In preparation, I need to make a few swatches.

Here's the first, in single crochet (I'm using US terms here), using a 4.5mm hook and including a colour change and rather inept use of turning chains. I did improve a bit as I worked up the swatch:

The second one is in the round, also in single crochet, and using a small-ish 3.0mm hook - includes increases, and first use of sl st to join the rounds:

Next up is a small granny square motif and a swatch in double crochet. Wish me luck!

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  1. Your crochet is looking great! Lovely yarn colours too - the green is lovely in the second photo. There's a lot of really helpful videos on YouTube should you ever need to refer to them. Best of luck!! :)