Saturday, 16 April 2011

Embroidery stitches

I'm pleased to report another unfinished, long-term project just came off my languishing list. After seven years, I've finally finished my hearts cross-stitch sampler.

Don't worry, I'm not going to start any more cross-stitch, as clearly it's not for me. I have an idea about sewing this finished piece into a patchwork cushion, just to ensure it does actually have purpose, now it's finished.

Finishing at least one WIP off my languishing list was in my 2011 resolutions. There are just two unfinished projects now left on it, and I'm working on one - the knitted basket edging - right now. I started this about two years ago - it was on hold as I had no basket to attach it to, but I finally bought a basket in a kitchenware shop last week.

The last item on my list is an embroidered tablecloth, but I think that one will sit on a languishing list until I am retired! When I originally bought the printed cloth, back in 1990, I was living in a small rented flat with a small, square table. We now have a much larger, rectangular table, for which this cloth would be too small.

Also, I since inherited my granny's linens collection and so have two beautiful hand-embroidered tablecloths of a similar size on hand. Here's one of them beautifying my dressing table:

The two little glass lidded pots at the front also came from my granny's house. There is more in the set, including cut-glass candlesticks, more pots and a ring holder, but believe it or not, I'm trying to reduce the clutter so I don't have those out. 


  1. Oh, lovely:) Might even inspire me to finish my long neglected cross stitch. Every so often I pull it out and do two or three blocks of colour and then put it away again. It's very similar colour blocks making petals and it works best in the summer so I can see it properly.

  2. Your granny's tablecloth is lovely, I keep dreaming of making one like that! :)