Monday, 18 April 2011

Sampler cushion

On Saturday, I said I had an idea about a patchwork cushion. And on Sunday, I sewed it:

I forgot, having done very little sewing for a while, how sewing is instant gratification compared to knitting. A completed project in the space of an afternoon!

I used the piece of counted cross-stitch for the centre panel and scraps from my fabric stash to make the patchwork border. It's a while since I made any patchwork and I felt a little rusty, but the finished item looks pretty enough to be a birthday present for my grandma.

This is not the granny who gave me the linens and taught me to knit, but my other grandma, who will be ninety-one next month. She is another craftswoman, who sewed - both at home and professionally - and worked in quality control in a textiles factory making men's suits. I hope today's work will pass her inspection.

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