Thursday, 21 April 2011

To the Tower

It's the school holidays here, and given ds's growing interest in history, I thought we'd take the opportunity for a train trip to London. We had a perfectly smashing time. Recognise any of these famous sights?

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London
The Tower was a great place to visit, but the queue to see the crown jewels was very long (see right on pic above) so ds and I skipped that. Maybe next time. There were plenty of other things to see, some of them very evocative, such as Traitor's Gate, and the green where famous people were executed, including a couple of Queens of England.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
I'd not been to Westminster for some years and was startled by the visible signs of heavy security: a double, very tall wire fence surrounding the buildings and multiple CCTV cameras. Very different from when I was a girl. And that was in the 1970s when there were plenty of threats from domestic troubles, so this change can't just be down to the violent world we live in.

Finally, here's a picture with me in it. It was taken at the Tower, with one of the costumed guides.

I would like to make clear, that I'm not as short as that! There was  a step!


  1. I think we are looking at visiting London in the summer - my first ever time! I am a London Virgin! Tried to comment on the Easter tree post but it's not there anymore - your tree looked lovely with all the eggs hanging from it - really colourful and pretty! Happy Easter!! :) x