Friday, 27 May 2011

She does still knit

I've blogged quite a lot about crochet lately, but just to reassure you, I am still knitting (although sadly not sewing. Not sure when I'll have time to remedy this.)

My latest knitting project is a "proper" garment, and hence will take me some time to complete. Here's my progress to date pic, which is basically the back, plus a little bit of one front piece.

My plan is to finish it by the end of July.

I have also made this - an illusion dishcloth featuring Hedwig the Owl.

The HP theme which recurs rather a lot in my knitting reflects my, dd's and ds's interest in this subject, not to mention assorted nieces and nephews, and rather a lot of dd's friends. Thus a continual supply of bookscarves, dishcloths etc, has a regular outlet!


  1. Don't talk to me about knitting at the minute - it is a swearword as far as I am concerned! Grrrr! Testing times indeed with regards to knitting.

    I also have plans for completion of my knitted garment - 2030 should give me plenty time indeed!

  2. Forgot to say your knitting and dishcloth look lovely! Sorry about that! ;)