Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mollie Makes

Having read a lot of hype on teh Internets about the new UK crafting magazine, Mollie Makes, I bought a copy of issue 2 at the weekend.

The magazine is beautifully laid out and the photography is awesome.

However, the fundamental problem I have with magazines (and this is just my humble, personal opinion here: I'm not wanting to start a war! nor is it just about Mollie Makes) is that a lot of them are just glorified advertising. Although it's nice to know about current trends, when page after page is just recommendations of things you can buy (even the so-called features!) I start to ask myself why *I've* had to pay for this.

There is also a horrible clash with my aim to lead a more sustainable life, in which case I'll be shopping less, not more. (See my previous blog post titled Reduce, reuse, recycle for more explanation.)

The other dissatisfaction I had with this particular issue of Mollie Makes was the nature of the makes included. Being a practical kind of person, I like my crafting to have utility. I don't mind things being beautiful, obviously, but I also like them to be useful. For those without a copy, this issue's sewing projects were several felt softies, strawberry pincushions, add-on pockets to sew onto your existing skirt as embellishments, a decorative felt flower, and a piece of floral embroidery.

But there were also crochet directions for a rather nice granny square blanket - designed by the illustrious  Jane Brocket:

It's not worth buying for this alone, though, IMO, not least because there are loads of free patterns for similar types of crocheted blankets on the net.

I will however look for this magazine again to see if I like the makes better another time. Thank goodness it's not sold in a plastic bag, so you can peep at the contents page before investing your fiver!


  1. I've looked at both issue one and two of Mollie Makes and I have to honestly say I'm not impressed by it at all. IMHO it's nothing you can't find yourself on the internet if you do a bit of digging. But it's just my opinion and of course it shall differ to others. :)

  2. I so agree.... At £4.99 a pop I really want to read it and be inspired not be sitting on the sofa thinking 'remind me why I bought this?'

    Way to much advertising as well.