Thursday, 30 June 2011


My gooseberry bush, after fruiting superbly in its first year, has done nothing at all this year. No blossom, no fruit at all. But it does look pretty healthy, and has grown really well, so maybe all its energies have gone into that.

I had a craving for seasonal gooseberries, so was pleased to discover some in our organic box delivery last week. I've only just started on the fruit deliveries, and this week our box had blackcurrants, cherries, nectarines, apples and bananas. Three out of four people in this family love fruit, so we have no trouble at all consuming it.

I used the gooseberries to make this tart:

I'm still a learner on the pastry front, but the tart tasted just fine. It was the gooseberry and creme fraiche tart out of Delia's How to Cook Book 3.

The tart formed part of a buffet lunch for 40+ that happened at our house last weekend, to celebrate this occasion:

Ds as First Communicant, June 2011
It was a lovely weekend, but I've been a bit tired at work this week, so it's rather good I have a day off today, even though it's been forced on me (teachers' strike leads to school closure).

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  1. Nice looking gooseberry tart. Will have to have a look at that.

    And I had a day off on Thursday too... for the same reason.