Thursday, 9 June 2011


New crochet theme! Not fruit!

First there were shells, as demonstrated in this camera cozy:

I made this a few weeks ago, using a free pattern from Ravelry and various scraps of dishcloth cotton, plus a 4mm hook.

With this project, as well as learning to crochet a shell pattern, I practised pick up and crochet (is that the right term? it's the same technique as pick up and knit, basically, only using sc instead) to make the closure flap, making a buttonhole, and crocheting a seam together.

After the shells, I moved on to (fishing?) nets, in the form of filet crochet. Here's my latest WIP:

Mmm, a trip to the coast would be lovely. Maybe I'll organise one in the summer holidays.

Don't worry, fruit will most likely be back in my next crochet-related post!

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