Sunday, 17 July 2011

On the difficulties of crocheting a granny square

In my quest to learn to crochet, I have now covered the final element in the beginner's crochet repertoire - the Granny Square.

Preliminary research very quickly indicated that a granny square should definitely NOT be your very first foray into crochet! Here's why (according to me): it is very difficult to judge which are the chain spaces to work in, until you've had some practice.

As an illustration, I'm reproducing below the photo of my initial granny square swatch, which I had to make owing to the rules of the Harry Potter Rav group. Try counting the clusters in each round (if you can!). You'll see I totally failed to produce even rounds:

On my next attempt, which was after I'd had thoroughly practised clusters, including some into chain spaces (see previous blog entry Plaited Scarf) I discovered that using different coloured yarn can help to maintain even rounds:

Traditional granny square
The same technique works for the Granny Mandala:

Granny Mandala
Then I made a Granny square with a centre heart motif:

And if you make two 9-in squares, one 6-in mandala, and a length of granny stripe, and crochet the pieces together, you end up with a bag that looks like this:

Instructions for making this bag can be found on Ravelry (note: Rav log-in may be required). To make mine, I used a 4mm hook and ggh Tavira aran yarn in plum, pale pink, white and burgundy.


  1. I think you are doing brilliantly - I would personally say that the heart motif is actually more complex than the granny square and you've nailed that as it looks wonderful!! :)

  2. Uhooi,,
    Wow, It works great and creative,,

  3. The squares look nice - I especially like the heart square. Thanks for sharing the link for the bag. :)