Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bad week

I'm not having a great week.

Dh is away with work, half way around the world in Japan. He's been away since last weekend, and a reliable landline connection has only been achieved once so far - all other call attempts lasted maybe 3-4 seconds. His mobile phone does not work there, which is not a surprise as it's so old, but I'm rather staggered that the ipad will not connect either as that is current technology.

I did some housework, and collected all the empty cups and glasses from dd's room. Her orthodontic retainer is clear plastic and hence difficult to see (you know where this is going, don't you?!). Found the retainer in the bottom of the dishwasher this a.m. These devices are not supposed to be put in hot water as they can be warped or melted. A replacement will cost about ninety quid. The ortho office is shut till Monday so dd is having to wear the old one in the interim and hope for the best. At least it's clean....

There was also a bad-tempered exchange between me and ds today, regarding the downloading of Wii channels (not allowed without advance permission, as some are not really suitable for someone who is only eight).

Hopefully equilibrium will be restored soon. Although I'll still be in sole charge next week, and working the usual hours, my parents are coming down to help out, so I won't have to rush to and from holiday daycare every day.


  1. Sorry you're having a bad week - I hope everything settles down for you quickly. :)

  2. I sympathise. My hubby also works away and I know that sometimes it can be a struggle sometimes when you are constantly battling with children - it can get you down and sometimes the smallest thing can tip you over the edge or push you just that little bit too far. Here's hoping for a better week for you :)