Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Coin purse

I'm a bit more cheerful than when I wrote my last blog post. Dh will be home at the weekend; the ortho appointment is made for a new retainer, and ds is my best friend once again.

Here's something pretty in keeping with my improved mood:

I made this little coin purse to go with my watermelon handbag. It was an accompanying pattern in the same book, Easy Crocheted Bags. I used a 4mm hook and the same Rico essential cotton dk yarn. The seeds are sewn on, using Rowan handknit cotton dk as that was what I had that was black.

Nice little pattern; I like the finished result. I'm going to get one of those little keychain holders and clip it on to my bag as a finishing touch.


  1. Your crochet is looking great! Glad to see your'e feeling a little better :)