Friday, 19 August 2011

A day out by tram

Here I am with another what-I-did-in-the-summer-holidays blog post. This week, we spent a day at the National Tramway Museum at Crich.

The picture below was taken whilst we rode on the open top deck of a 1903 tram originally from Southampton. There are trams from all over Europe and beyond, all carefully restored.

There is a village area with an old-fashioned sweet shop and ice cream kiosk. The ambience was enhanced by many vintage constructions, such as this old Police Box. Ds was excited to see a TARDIS as featured on Dr Who. I believe this one is just the regular size inside, though! 

When not riding on the trams, we enjoyed a walk and picnic in the woodland park, and saw some lovely Derbyshire views, like this one over the Derwent Valley:

I'm back at work on Monday, so the tourist-board posts are most likely at an end for a while.

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