Monday, 15 August 2011

Lazy holiday

The school summer holidays have a very negative effect on my crafting life, ie. this week, I haven't done any! It's not down to lack of time, more to do with disrupted routines and because the kids are lounging around doing very little, laziness also overtakes me. Instead, I turn to playing board games with the kids, punctuated by occasional outings.

Today we went to Twin Lakes theme park near Melton Mowbray - at about 40 minutes' drive from us, it's the nearest such place. This summer, they've added an unashamedly warm-weather attraction:

It's a fabulous collection of water slides, with added water sprays, and the periodic emptying of a large bucket all over the attraction and its users. Ds and friend thought it was wonderful.

There were also dry slides, once the cold water lost its appeal:

We had a lovely time. But if you're going there, I recommend taking your own food - we always pack up our lunch, as the on-site catering is not up to much. You can get nice ice-creams though. And if you forget to put your child in socks, which are required for hygiene reasons in the indoor play zones, you can buy a cheap pair in the cafe in the Labyrinth building.

Tomorrow the plan is to see Arrietty at the cinema. Another favourite book of mine, and the film is from the same studio that made Howl's Moving Castle, so obviously there is a lot to live up to.

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