Thursday, 15 September 2011

How I appeared in print

A while ago, a friend asked me to do some test knitting for her, as she was writing a knitting book. I was happy to oblige, but rather staggered later to find the book in question was this:

I had not realised I was working on such a big publication by a very well-known publisher!

The Knitting Book is largely a reference, with loads of technical knitting help and stitch patterns. There is also a projects section, where my test knitting is. (I worked on the bunny toy). And even more fabulously, my name is included in the list of acknowledgements at the back. I really wasn't expecting that.

I'm already working on a pair of cabled armwarmers out of this book - hopefully I'll show you the finished item very soon.

Can't quite believe my name is in a proper book. I will just go and take another look at it...


  1. That's brilliant! Well done you! If it's anything like their Sewing book (I think it was by DK but can't be arsed to go check) it will no doubt be an excellent reference book - one which I shall probably need! Is there a section on sock knitting lol?!