Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pocket pie

I find there is a rhythm to my blogging, now I'm on my third iteration, as here I am again writing about our autumn crop of apples. Once again, they are abundant, and we only have two trees. How on earth do people cope with a whole orchard?!

Last Sunday, I made mini-apple pies, using a new apple-pie mould I bought from the kitchen treasury that is Lakeland. Here they are just out of the oven:

I cheated and used a packet of ready-made, pre-rolled puff pastry. I filled the pies with a mixture of sliced apples tossed with cinnamon and brown sugar, and sprinkled the tops with demerara sugar before baking. The result were like apple-shaped apple turnovers. Delicious. Although, more practice is needed with the pie mould. My pies are not nearly as neat as the ones pictured on the box!

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  1. I love Lakeland. If I had a fortune I'd spend it all there! Those look yummy too.