Saturday, 29 October 2011

Experiments in chocolate

After a few hectic weekends - wedding, ds's ninth birthday celebrations, Yorkshire to stay with my parents during half term - I was pleased to get back to routines at the end of this week.

Ds wanted to do some cooking, so we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the kitchen yesterday. We made a chocolate fudge cake, using one of the American cake mixes I bought from the Stateside Candy Co. and a packet of ready-made icing from Lakeland.

The result is not quite up to proper home-made standard, but is still pretty nice, and ds loves the fact that he did all the mixing and icing himself. My job was to grease tins and deal with the hot oven.

We also made some home-made chocolates:

This was very easy - melted chocolate, in spoonfuls onto a  baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, and then decorated with what we could find in the cupboard - silver balls, sugar strands, dried cherries and pieces of crystallized ginger. Then just leave to set before peeling off the paper.

Ds says we could make more of these for christmas presents. Glad to see he is already thinking handmade!

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