Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pumpkin Pie

A while ago I expressed a wish in an international Internet forum to make a pumpkin pie. Americans present kindly informed me I would first need a tin of pumpkin - something I've never seen for sale in a British supermarket.

I went online to look for a UK supplier, and found The Stateside Candy Co.  Into my cart went tinned pumpkin, and also, because I could not resist the temptation, two packets of American cake-mix (including one for red velvet cupcakes. Wow!), American frosting, mellowcremes, saltwater taffy and Reese's peanut butter cups. Most of these I had never tried before and all of them are Awesome!

About the pumpkin pie, should you wish to make one, a can of tinned pumpkin and an 8-in deep pie dish are the base requirements. The recipe is on the Libby's can label.

Here are the pie ingredients:

And here is a slice of the finished item, which I was also instructed to serve with whipped cream. Great idea!

I did have a bit of a pastry fail (mine shrunk during the blind baking step, so the pastry does not come up to the top) but the pie itself was delicious - like a variation on an egg-custard, with added spiciness and pumpkin, of course.

I would like to make it clear the Stateside Candy Co has not paid me to write this blog entry, or even asked me to!

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  1. Oh, wow. Might just have to check that out:)