Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vodka in the jar

I made some blackberry vodka today, following a recipe in Nigella's Kitchen.

It's very easy to prepare it. All you do is tip sugar and blackberries into the vodka, in a sterilised jar, seal it and keep shaking it till the sugar dissolves.

Apparently I'm supposed to shake it every day for two weeks, then every week for 6 weeks. I already put a sticky label on top warning family members not to unseal it. Some are too young to drink alcohol, but dh and visiting step-daughter might be tempted.

The result is described as a liqueur, and I should think the addition of sugar and blackberries will do that to the vodka, after the requisite steeping time. The timetable means it should be ready for Christmas, and I'm hoping to have enough to give a small bottle away. That's if it's good enough, of course. I shall have to sample it first!

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