Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Camper Van

I finished the camper van:

The crochet parts were easy enough, but the making up took a while. Felt windows, licence plates and the logo circle to sew on, embroidery for doors, doorhandles and VW logo,  plus 8 buttons.

For the doorstop weighting, rather than putting loose lentils in the camper van, which might escape through the crocheted fabric, I made a cotton bag out of an old pillowcase, filled it with out-of-date lentils and quinoa (yay for reuse and recycle! I just cleared out our kitchen cupboards last week, and it was very timely!) and stitched it closed. Then I put the bag and some toy stuffing inside the camper van, and sewed the final seam closed.

Completing the doorstop means I have now finished one Christmas present - that's great. I also cut out the pieces for the next, which involves patchwork, so hopefully I'm on a roll!


  1. Oh wauw I was looking for some camper crochet inspiration and this one caught my eye! It looks awesome and I want to make one for my own! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. I love your camper van. Did you make the pattern up or did you get it from somewhere. I would love to make this for someone who likes these campers. Thank you. Francine


    Thank you.

    Ps. I live in Canada.