Sunday, 6 November 2011

Festive plans

Now it's November, my thoughts have inevitably turned to preparations for the festive season. Last time I blogged about my plans (with timeframes!) it turned out to be the kiss of plans-going-awry, so I hope I have better luck this time! Anyway, it is my intention to give some more hand-made presents this year.

I've already started by preparing the blackberry vodka. It's turned a lovely deep red colour, and I found some presentation bottles in Lakeland, so I'm hoping it will make at least one present. I've probably made enough to fill two 500 ml bottles, but I rather think we shall want to keep one for the festivities at home!

My plans for November crafting to give away in December include this:

The pattern is in the latest Inside Crochet magazine. Since I took that photo, I've finished the whole of one side piece and worked half-way through the second.

I also have sewing plans:

Just waiting for some felt in various shades to arrive. I'm charmed to have found this felt which is, apparently, machine-washable. Awesome!

If I get through that little lot by the end of November, that will be four presents done, and then I might make some more!

How about you, dear reader? Do you make things to give away for christmas presents? Do share the details in the comments box!

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  1. Oh didn't saw there is a pattern of it! Super great! Is it also anywhere on the web cause we don't have that magazine in Holland ;)
    Thanks anyway!