Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sleepy squirrel is back...

... only this time, in a cushion incarnation.

I used the same applique templates as for the hot water bottle cosy, applique'd and embroidered the squirrel onto a square of osnaburg fabric, and used that as the centre piece of a patchwork cushion. I worked out all the sizes of the patchwork bits myself. I've clearly improved at patchwork over the last year, as now my seams line up!

All the fabrics in this cushion, the felt for the squirrel, and all the thread came out of my stash. I used a cushion filler I had already. It is good to use stuff up, and what a good result! I'm really pleased with this, my second completed Christmas present.

My next two planned presents are also cushions. Hope I don't get bored...

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